Hi there 👋

I’m Evgeny Rudinsky, an IT consultant by day and author of this blog by night and weekends. These days most of my work I do with Microsoft Azure and happy holder of the following badges.

Background #

Back in 90’s my mom worked in domestic airlines headquartered in UUS. In 1995 the airport received several Intel 80486 based architecture machines with 14 inch monitors. And this is where I got kidnapped by Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame

Fast forward, a year later I was working on a new Pentium based machine and knew how to detach WD HDD with 2GB en 5400RPM onboard for onsite software exchange, which I accidently dropped while doing that activity with a classmate. Oh man, that was few days old super-expensive computer part.

Then BBS popped up and I was very much into it, even arranged one with the name “Commandos Station BBS” wildly customised and hardcoding everything possible and impossible into Maximus having my very own personalised “welcome screen” based on a multi line ASCII station name. That was fun. Then joined FIDO network and was considering to become a node, but was too young among the aged community members and did not drink beers 🍻

At some point I borrowed some books with Pascal and Java (there were some others) and opened up a new and interesting hu-u-u-uge world of computer science …

I started my professional career as a linux administrator and was doing a lot of work with software pbx (mid 2000’s Asterisk IP/PBX was a flagship product and I was actively promoting it and it’s hardware business across Russia). I’m sure there are still some of my appliances based on Debian 4.0 “etch” with Asterisk 1.4 mounted into a self-made rack closet somewhere here. Later, moving along through various edges and sharp corners found myself in solution architecture role where I help to build faster, better and safer systems applying modern approach 🦊

Workshops and conferences #

I am Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 2019 and I love to share knowledge, explain things in approachable way!

Sharing is caring! There are some talks and workshops that I’ve done previously …

  1. Azure Immersion Workshop (AIW): Cloud Native Apps

Workshop was conducted on behalf of Microsoft’s partner Nordcloud, an IBM Company

  1. Deploy a full stack application to Azure using Bicep templates 💪

Workshop was conducted together with xtechnology.dev.

Open Source Software Projects #

Below lists a few of the open source projects I have been involved in. These span across several areas, mainly were kicked off over a weekend while learning something new for a purpose of personal enablement.

  1. Azure Bicep Workshop
  2. An utility to generate usage report on Azure DevOps
  3. An utility to solve Hanoi Tower problem of any size
  4. Operations cheat sheets
  5. Congregate

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Thank you.