How to download random pictures

Thanks Rhode Island Narragansett School System for the awesome avatar for this post!

As CloudBerry Lab engineer sometimes I run stress tests for Backup and Explorer product portfolio and it requires a lot of data. The below script helps me to fetch google through GCP APIs for images with certain content. See how I get thousand giraffes for in my local folder.

All you need:

require 'google_custom_search_api'
require "open-uri"
require 'json'


options = {}
options[:searchType] = "image"
page = 1

10.times do |page|
  options[:page] = page
  results ="giraffe", options)
  results["items"].each do |item|
    download = open(item["link"])
    puts item["link"]
    IO.copy_stream(download, "images/#{download.base_uri.to_s.split('/')[-1]}")
  # page++
  # puts JSON.pretty_generate results

You can convert this to Python and use along with serverless architecture (for instance Lambda in AWS). Should be fun!

In short, this is about:

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