Amazon Solutions Architect Associate exam

2 month earlier I signed up with and started my exam learning. I've been playing with VMware and Hyper-V since 2006 and got first level of VMware technical certificates (e.g. VCP4, VCP 510, VCP550D). So all these certs were not that tough to obtain due to day-to-day basis hand-on when working at Veeam as System engineer. 

Amazon is something else, you need to feel it and you need really 6-12 month of hand-on to be honest. I am in AWS console since 2011, however till April, 2016 I was just really nasty user (e.g. I could create bucket and run EC2 with Amazon Linux and spend 30-40 minutes to SSH into ;)) now things changes, I started to use it massively on daily basis hand-on and it just gets better from day to day. 

Ok, I want to share my thoughts on what is important to know going to the exam:

  • Implementation, design of cost effective and scalable systems. This is for sure the biggest part of the exam. You will be asked on the services you better go in the certain scenario or the features you need to force in order to be somewhere. This part is massive and I did the lower number here. I think if I made other blocks with similar number I'd not passed.. 
  • Implementation and deployment talks about what exactly you need to do in order to achieve that one. You'll be asked different scenarios where you need to say exactly what to go with.
  • Security. There are tons on questions on encryption, IAM roles (make sure you don't mix up IAM user and IAM role and understand which one where to use). Question - IAM user or IAM role should be set to EC2 when creating in order to protect your system from secret pairs compromises?). And also make sure you understand you can't really add this role once EC2 has been created. May be not that important in life, but very important in the exam. It is definitely in your exam question.
  • Troubleshooting. This is the smallest part, but I was good there. You will be asked questions like why this is not working etc. e.g. whay having NAT instance between public and private you are not having internet in your private instances.. 

Good luck and again - consider as your learning path! Ryan is great!

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