The NTFS for Mac OS X

Once you are on Mac OS X (i.e. El Capitan) and one day you meet someone with removable drive (USB flash) asking you do download something from either corporate network share (file server) or straight from the Globe Internet and offload this data to that USB. Oops! No way here, you actually locked down with your OS X to write anything into NFTS.

One of the option to unlock such a weird fail of Apple is actually to use third-party Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X!

There are few cute things I'd love to highlight:

  • Ability to read old file systems (i.e. FAT 16, FAT 32). Paragon marks them as "Others" & File system shows up as "MS-DOS (FAT-16)";
  • Verify (CHKDSK), Erase (format and set file system), Set as startup (this helps me very much to test my Cloudberry bootable USB drives) and ... Yes! This super breakthrough feature "Set Custom Icon" ;-)
  • Nice to have option to work with Hibernated Windows (when you have flash drive with written data until your Windows went hibernated).
  • Does not really annoy sitting in top right tool bar of your El Capitan (lots of vendors thinking they need to put their icon with no need). Paragon just did not do that! Cool!

Install Paragon Software and make init configurations

Ok! The installation of the product is not really a big deal! Really straight forward and intuitive! Once the product installed, for further settings go to your «System preferences» and find out «NTFS for Mac OS X» (for vanilla El Capitan it should be the last icon in overall section).

NTFS for Mac OS X - find your Paragon!

Find your volumes and start management

In the main first tab the most of management actions you do: «Mount / Unmount», «Erase (Format)», «Verify»!

I also like the fact it sees and allows me to format my volumes to native HFS file system!

NTFS for Mac OS X - manage volume drives

Additional settings and activation

Windows hibernate handler. Nice to see and know that Paragon seems to care about this Windows weird case!

License activation is really 1-2-3! Nice product though!

NTFS for Mac OS X - additional settings
NTFS for Mac OS X - activation of product

In short, this is about:

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