Mount AWS S3 bucket to your El Capitan

This is really short card:

  • Make sure you have homebrew;
  • Now make sure you have updated your brew package manager;
  • You need fuse;
  • You need S3FS.

Let's get started:

brew update
brew install Caskroom/cask/osxfuse
brew install homebrew/fuse/s3fs

Now you need 2 last things:

  • Create file with IAM user to access your bucket;
  • Create and mount folder in your HFS to your bucket.

touch ~/.passwd-s3fs
chmod 600 ~/.passwd-s3fs // make sure you put your access_key:secret_key <- inside in this format!
mkdir ~/yourfoldertomount
s3fs yourbucket ~/yourfoldertomount

In short, this is about:
#amazon s3

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