Supaplex, best game ever (1991)!!!

Hi there!

2014, 20+ years passed, now - different world, different games. I know. Just found the game of my childhood. 100+ levels, we run it out on our 386 something with turbo button ;-) I guess w/ Leonid we made all levels there. Roughly 6-8 months for all of them playning for 2-3 hours after school! Great time. Here we go how I made it run on my Macbook ;-)


Here what you need to have the game running

To play

  1. SPFIX63.EXE to play.
  2. For any questions regarding Supaplex, please check out the Supaplex FAQ before asking me, since I get a lot of questions, of which the answers are clearly explained there. Check out:
  3. Enjoy!

Just completed 2d level. ;-)

In short, this is about:

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