As an engineer I want to pull container images that are part of my pods' deployments to Azure Kubernetes Service (further - AKS) from private container registry Azure Container Registry (further - ACR). But when I create pod with image from ACR it fails with ErrImagePull error. How to fix this? ... more
Build and release docker compose application using Azure DevOps in an automated manner using multistage yaml pipeline. ... more
This article contains several recommendations for passing kubernetes exams (both CKAD and CKA). ... more
I've been playing with ACI ("serverless" containers in Azure) and were thinking about use case of this wonderful service. Ended up with jumpbox as one of the example ... more
over 3 years#jumpbox #docker #azure
Here at CloudBerry, where one of the goal I have is to help partners decide, pick and build right configurations for dealing with computers data when they need backup solution. FTP, SCP, WebDav and some other proprietary protocols have been here forever, where simplicity and flexibility made them number one in data protection and management fields as primary target configurations. But, there is big BUT... ... more
In this short article you will learn how to use PsExec with remote powershell script to download, execute and clean up software. You can do it for multiple computers in super easy way. ... more
AWS EC2 free tier. In this episode we are going to build absolutely free PBX (telephony system) based on Asterisk free switch hosted on our Amazon free EC2. ... more
about 4 years#aws ec2 #free tier
Looking for free option to backup your data? No issues, - have a look at various options available with AWS S3, AWS CLI or 3d parties for your sensitive data. ... more
about 4 years#aws s3 #backup
I know how annoying it is when you need Chrome on your server and you have to go through intensive security barriers of MS Explorer, so here is quick CLI recipe on how to get Chrome.. ... more
I made light talk on one of our recent #AWSRus community gathering in Moscow and decided to discover this topic with further series of posts in my blog covering various AWS services. ... more
over 4 years#free tier #amazon
How to pre-deploy App using user data script for Windows OS with powershell powered script in EC2? Example inside. ... more
Launching AWS EC2 can be supplied by something what is known as "user data" and it helps to have things ready before you access it. ... more
AWS SES supports SMTP settings for sending through it-self. This is really helpful if we want to configure personal outbound server. ... more
over 4 years#aws ses #smtp #amazon
Send text messages (SMS) with few lines of Python code using Amazon SNS and boto3 SDK. ... more
AWS Elastic File System is scalable file system in the cloud, requires NFSv4.1 client and does not support Windows at the moment. However let's see what we can do.. ... more
In CloudBerry Lab we help people to move data offsite to the cloud either with backup or file management solution. Sometimes I need sample files, a lot of sample files. ... more
over 4 years#cloudberrylab #ruby
In this article you'll learn how to protect your data against hardware and software failures according to the 3-2-1 rule. ... more
Docker opens wide range of options for applications delivery. It is not just deployment tool, but great for testing and development. Even for production ... ... more
over 4 years#rails #docker
CloudAcademy webinar: how to use AWS services for Backup and DR challenges. I am presenter! ... more
Since FullAccess is disabled even for Administrator's account in Exchange (including 2010) CloudBerry Backup for Exchange can't restore using Administrator's username and password pair for item level restore of any mailbox. Let's fix it. ... more
AWSRus — Official AWS User Group Russia (St. Petersburg). ... more
about 5 years#meetup #awsrus #amazon
Little snippet for great footer effect. ... more
about 5 years#jquery
It's been written many times, however there is no consistency how to make static web site with SSL and SEO friendly urls (301 redirect). Pure AWS based services static website ahead, check details inside! ... more
Let's Encrypt is free SSL certificate. Running rails app it is not obvious how to renew such cert. Here is the user guide. ... more
PostgreSQL is very popular database backend for many Linux deployed / web-based applications. But how to protect? ... more
about 5 years#postgresql #backup